“Phil Charles is one of those people
who makes the world a better place
just by his strong spirit, combined with
his leadership skills and experience in
environmental science, collaborative
community-based research and outdoor
living. He is well organized, strongly motivated,
and knowledgeable, with a warm,
sincere personality. I have seen him in
action and have been totally
impressed with him, as a scientist, as
a teacher and as a wonderful human

Dr Nancy Turner; World leading ethno-botanist, distinguished
Professor, author and appointed to the
Order of British Columbia.

” I first met Phil in the Great Bear
Rainforest, where he was working as a
naturalist / bear guide. I was
impressed from the outset. He is
infectiously enthusiastic, easy-going,
has superb people skills and, best of
all, has a deep knowledge of wildlife
and wilderness. He’s an all-round
good guy”

Mark Carwardine; Prolific broadcaster, conservationist, columnist
and photographer.

“Over the years I have seen firsthand
Phil’s dedication and commitment to
bear research initiatives, wildlife
related tourism and youth oriented
education projects in Canada’s Great
Bear Rainforest. Few people are able
to carry out such diverse work with
such enthusiasm and ability”

Ian McAllister; Time Magazine’s ‘Leader of the 21st Century’,
award winning photographer, author and
Executive Director of Pacific Wild.