The Spirit of Suffolk team are active members of the local conservation community and assist in local biological recording, citizen science initiatives and in conservation education. Unfortunately many of our beloved species and landscapes are threatened in the UK but we aim to help turn the tide using social media as an opportunity to educate a wide audience on Suffolk and UK conservation initiatives.


By joining a Spirit of Suffolk tour you too are part of the local conservation story as we look to build a conservation based economy. By being out on the landscape we are the eyes and ears of the countryside, recording the wildlife species that we see whilst also reporting any possible illegal human activity such as hare coursing or fly-tipping. 

Lead Guide Philip Charles, who has a degree in Animal Conservation Science, spends two days a week teaching in the Animal Studies department at the local college where his core subjects are wildlife and conservation based. He remains up-to-date with conservation initiatives and encourages discussion on such issues with guests whilst on tour.