Spirit of Suffolk prides itself on its ethical stance regarding wildlife viewing practices and photography. Our tours strictly follow these self-set field guidelines;

We leave a site exactly as we found it, or better.

We never bait for wildlife.

We never call-in wildlife

We cause as little disturbance to the environment as possible

We cause as little disturbance to our subjects as possible

We limit the sharing of exact locations of wildlife (online)

We keep our group sizes extremely small to minimise potential impacts

We actively educate those around us as to the negative impacts of the above

Great Tits
This image was taken on a local nature reserve at a ‘perfect photography location’ where food is strategically placed for the birds.
Such practice has altered the natural behaviours of these great tits.

The beauty of following these guidelines is that all our viewing has a completely natural feel to it. This allows us to spend time with subjects observing their natural behaviours; allowing those intimate moments to capture our hearts before hopefully capturing on camera.

Many tour-guiding operations around the world and especially here in the UK will pursue wildlife by any means necessary and this is proven to have potentially dire consequences for the wildlife at question. Join us to enjoy a totally natural experience where every adventure is different to the last.

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