Question – We are flying in to the UK at London Stansted airport, are you able to pick us up from there and we take a tour?  Answer – YES. We currently offer airport pick-up and drop-off from many airports including Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Norwich. Let us know your needs and we will create a plan.

Question – What is the best time of year to come?   Answer – The UK has 4 distinct seasons and each has it’s own beauty, charm and story to tell. We enjoy blossoming springs, rich summer meadows, crunchy autumn leaves and crisp winter mornings. Whatever time of year you come you are sure to have a great time exploring the Spirit of Suffolk. 

Question – How many people can come on a tour?  Answer – We currently have a maximum of 4 guests per trip. If you do have a larger party contact us and we can see if we can accommodate your needs.

Question – We have two children, is the tour suitable for them also? Answer – Yes of course! We’ll make sure to keep them engaged and entertained throughout your tour.