Suffolk Coast and Heaths

Meeting Location : Leiston

The entire Suffolk Coastline is a designated Area of Outstanding natural Beauty. You’ll see why on this tour!

Potential species highlights: Red deer, Dartford Warbler, Marsh Harrier

Timings: Early start! This tour will begin 15 minutes before sunrise (but it’s worth it!)

The Shotley Peninsula

Meeting Location: Ipswich/Tattingstone

Explore quiet country lanes and enjoy stunning sunsets, particularly good for Owls and Hares.

Potential species highlights: Little Owl, Barn Owl, Hares

Timings: Can be morning or evening, although I recommend the evening, 4 hours before sunset

The Deben Peninsula

Meeting Location: Melton (Woodbridge)

The Deben Peninsula is wrapped in history and wildlife. So much to explore and see!

Potential species highlights: Badger, Marsh Harrier, Hares, Fox

Timings: Evening tour recommended, 4 hours before sunset

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