Photo Stories

For too long the general public have been misled in their choices when purchasing ‘wildlife’ photography images, many of which will not be wild at all. Here in the UK and Internationally there are many unethical shortcuts taken in order to get such images such as staging captive animals in wild settings or feeding wild animals for better images.

Little Owl – Original Print

Spirit of Suffolk prides itself on our Ethical stance and each and every wildlife photo you see from us truly wild and free. To demonstrate this we decided to provide a ‘photo-story’ for each of our favourite images. Each Photo Story will include some of the following elements; unedited RAW copy of your print, other images taken at the time, a wide angle image of the wild setting and written details of the moment capturing the image. Each photo story will be professionally presented including species name as well as camera settings for the image.

Little OwlPhoto Story