What tours do I offer?

I currently offer either a Private Photo Tour that is exclusive to you and/or your party and also Small Group Photo Tours. See below for more information on each.

Private Tour

A private photo tour is run either as a one-on-one trip or for up to 4 people of your choosing*. You have the option of a completely vehicle based (safari-style) tour, a walking photography tour or a combination of the two! Both options take in different habitat types and species, the beauty is that every day and every trip is different. What will we find and learn together?

Group Tour (From 2022)

My small group tours run on selected dates throughout the year and target specific habitats and species. Each tour runs at a capacity of 3 guests. They are either vehicle based, walking, or a combination of the two. Click here to see upcoming tours and availability. Meeting points vary across the tours and will be specified in each tour description.

“Stunning beauty around every corner”

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