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The journey begins.

A private photo tour is run either as a one-on-one trip or for up to 4 people of your choosing*. You have the option of a completely vehicle based (safari-style) tour, a walking photography tour or a combination of the two! Both options take in different habitat types and species, the beauty is that every day and every trip is different. What will we find and learn together?

Tours are currently available in the months of April, May, June and July which, in my experience, are the best months for wildlife viewing here in Suffolk.

For vehicle based tours I use Melton (Woodbridge), Leiston and Stutton (near Ipswich) as meeting points, a precise location will be given to you upon booking confirmation. If you do not drive or would prefer to be picked up and dropped off from your home or accommodation then let me know and I will see if this is possible for you. (For example, if you are coming by bus or train, I will collect you from an appropriate station).

*I can run a private tour with more than 4 guests if you wish, but this can only happen as a walking tour and meet at the location due to the capacity of the Spirit of Suffolk vehicle.

What animals might we see?

We see a good range of animals, habitats and landscapes on photo tours. Sightings do vary throughout the year and location. I am an ethical wildlife photographer, meaning I do not bait or attract animals in anyway yet I have very reliable viewing of many species in a completely natural setting. The beauty is that each day and trip is different to the last! I recommend your trip to include either the sunrise or sunset hours, great for wildlife and even better for ‘Golden Hour’ photos.

Some species of note that I often see include red deer, fallow deer and muntjac deer. Little owls and barn owls. Hares! (Lots of hares!) And rabbits too. Marsh harriers, buzzards, kestrels. Dartford warblers, stonechats and chaffinch. Foxes and badger. Curlew, shelduck and stone curlew. Bees and butterflies. Swallows, house martins and sand martins. Many waterfowl and wader species as well as terns and gulls.

What to expect on a Private Photo Tour

A private tour will be just for you and/or your party. It will be tailored towards any specific desire whether that be species to photograph or techniques to learn and practice. I always say it is your trip, not mine! I have my own style of photography that I will share with you and help with any questions you may have. I don’t pretend to know it all with either wildlife or photography, but I can guarantee you if there is a question that I am unsure of then we can find out the answer together!

Suffolk is simply stunning, and it has been a privilege to grow up here and call it home. It is now my honour to show guests the magic of this place, whether they are from Suffolk themselves of from farther afield.

As a Suffolk ‘buh’ (boy) I have extensive knowledge of key areas known for wildlife and have great success in finding many species including barn owls, little owls, red deer, buzzards, hares, foxes, marsh harriers, avocets, turtle doves and badger just to name a few! I am proud to be an ethical wildlife photographer meaning I do not bait or interfere with the subject in anyway, resulting in wonderful and memorable wildlife experiences. Keeping the wild in wildlife, always.

My tours and teaching style are adaptive and relaxed, I will cater to what you wish to try and photograph and what you would like to learn for photography. I am especially keen on teaching elements of image composition and general tips and tricks when out with your camera. We can also go through the process of getting off automatic settings and understanding the role that the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture has on your images.

Little Owls at Sunset

Hare at Sunrise
Intimate barn owl moments


I operate across three carefully selected and researched regions of Suffolk; the Shotley peninsula, the Deben Peninsula and the Suffolk Coast and Heaths. Find out about each one here.

Equipment and cameras

My photo tours are suitable for all camera types including mobile phones. I shoot with both my Samsung mobile phone along with a Canon 7Dii with 100-400mm. I provide camera support/bean bags for use in the vehicle. Flash is not required and not recommended around wild animals. Tripod/monopod optional but not essential! (I often do not use a tripod as like to be as mobile as possible).

Okay, I’m in! But how much will it cost?

I aim for all my tours and workshops to be accessible for everybody and hope my prices act as a reflection of this aim.

For all Private Photo Tours I charge £60 for four hours, £79 for 6 hours and £99 for 8 hours. These prices are for your private booking and not per person! (So yes, starting at just £15 per person if there are four of you!) I can extend tours if required, be sure to let me know on booking form below.

I require a £20 deposit to confirm your booking, a secure link will be sent to you upon confirmation of your selected date.

Ready to book? See below!

Private Tours can be booked on a date and location that suits you. Use the contact form below with your preferred date and I will respond within 24 hours to confirm availability. If that date is not available then I will offer suggestions as close to it as possible.

Upon confirmation I will send you a link to pay a £20 deposit to secure your booking.

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