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Sorry, the countryside is Closed.

This past spring has been like no other. The whispers of an impending lockdown grew throughout March, we watched as Italy, then Spain, struggled to contain their respective Covid-19 outbreaks and we knew the inevitably of action in the UK was coming. I have to admit that prior to the official announcement by Prime Minister Johnson on March 23rd I was sure that in any lockdown situation I would still be able to access the countryside, on my own, as I would be in the protective bubble of Raven, my faithful Land Rover and be in no contact with anyone else. It soon became apparent that this was not to be the case; we were permitted one hours exercise per day, as close to home as possible. All travel had to be deemed essential.

For myself, living in central Ipswich, the countryside was now closed. 

It was only a couple weeks prior in early March that I began tours for the season, starting off with a fantastic Safari where we saw beautiful herds of fallow deer resting in the woods and strolling open fields, barn owls taking us by surprise as we watched for foxes, little owls on their regular perches, buzzards soaring the early spring sunshine and too many hares to count. And this was followed up with some wonderful time with the urban foxes on Urban Fox Safari; the highlight of which was with a university student, Alicia Demetriades, conducting a photo-study on urban foxes and she left with some fantastic photos and a successful project, see images below. And then the door was slammed shut on the season. Understandably of course and I fully respected the lockdown measures throughout. 

I, like many others, began to take advantage of the wildlife on the doorstep, noticing the subtle and often overlooked emergence of spring. The ferns in the front garden boldly uncurling, the copper beech bursting into life as it sparkled under the setting light of the sun, the nettles beginning their dominance of the …… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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