I am proud to launch this series of short books, created in the traditional Zine style – small circulation and self-published by Spirit of Suffolk. All our short books are 32 pages, staple bound and printed onto high quality card.

The first two volumes are ‘Suffolk Wildlife – A Photo Journey’ and ‘Spirit Bear – A True Story of Isolation and Survival’.

We sell all of our zines on Etsy. Please click here to be taken to our Etsy store!


Suffolk Wildlife – A Photo Journey

Our first Zine is presented as a photo-journey; a novel approach for displaying photos through a series of carefully selected images that aim to guide you on your own personal journey through the gallery. There is no text.

“This is a beautifully created, thought provoking and novel approach of interaction with the artists photography. Without any text, the viewer is led through their own personal journey into the beauty of the Suffolk countryside”


Spirit Bear – A True Story of Isolation and Survival

A beautifully gentle story suitable for all ages that is accompanied by a series of stunning photographs that transport you to the hidden world of the Spirit Bear. All text and photos are by Spirit of Suffolks Philip Charles who worked as a Spirit Bear guide in British Columbia for 6 years. This is the special story of one particular Spirit Bear.

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