Ultimate Fox Experience

Come with us as we take you to two very special fox locations, one in their countryside habitat and the other in the urban environment. As well as the foxes we often see badgers, deer, bats and more on this truly special wildlife evening!

Travelling in our faithful LandRover ‘Raven’ we first head out to the beautiful Suffolk countryside where we watch the landscape at our special spot for the foxes as well as keeping an eye on a badger sett. This is a very peaceful location, great for sunsets and is superb for unwinding and connecting with the landscape. We will have refreshments on hand also.

Then we head into Ipswich for the second part of the evening as we observe the foxes urban environment and enjoy time with our urban neighbours. At our location there are 3-4 active foxes each evening and we enjoy reliable viewing.

The foxes are wild animals and we like to keep it that way. We are an ethical company promoting good ethics in wildlife viewing and photography, for this reason we do not feed, bait or interact with the foxes other than viewing. Please see our ethical guidelines for more information.