Urban Fox Experience

“As if to illustrate this coming together of nature and the urban, a police siren sounds in the distance just as the large male hurries past my open window – only a few feet away. For several magical seconds I see the thick, russet-red coat and flowing, bushy tail close up.

It’s an unforgettable encounter. Thank you Mr Fox, thank you Mr Fox Whisperer

Ross Bentley, East Anglian Daily Times Environment Editor

Join Philip Charles ‘The Fox Whisperer’ in Suffolks county town of Ipswich for a for a fox-filled evening as you learn and discover the magic of our urban neighbours. The foxes are active each evening and we enjoy great success in our viewing opportunities. Come and witness the beauty and mystery of the foxes and learn more about their biology, ecology and behaviour with your guide for the evening.

We hesitate to use the ‘G’ word BUT we can celebrate that we have a 100% viewing record with the foxes, so we are Guaranteeing fox sightings! If for whatever reason you do not see a fox then you will be able to join us again for free.

The experience typically lasts for 2-3 hours depending on viewing. Hot and cold refreshments are included plus access to WC facilities. The foxes are active all through the year and in every weather so please dress appropriately! We are at a town-centre location and a central meeting/parking point will be given to you upon booking. We also offer a local pick-up service – please use our Contact Form for direct enquiries. 


The foxes are generally nocturnal yet we enjoy great opportunity for viewing due to the presence of streetlights. They still present a challenge to photograph and a tripod with SLR is recommended. The foxes are wild animals and we like to keep it that way. We are an ethical company and we do not feed, bait or interact with the foxes other than viewing. Please see our ethical guidelines for more information.