Urban Fox

” As if to illustrate this coming together of nature and the urban, a police siren sounds in the distance just as the large male hurries past my open window – only a few feet away. It’s an unforgettable encounter.

Thank you Mr Fox, thank you Mr Fox Whisperer “

Ross Bentley, East Anglian Daily Times Environment Editor

Join ‘The Fox Whisperer’ in the town center of Ipswich for a for a fox-filled evening. I currently enjoy a 100% viewing record with guests so you are sure to see these wonderful animals.

We begin with a short walk of the foxes habitat where I’ll show you evidence of their beahviours and activity, and then using a vehicle as a mobile hide sit back and wwatch the show unfold before your eyes.

Every night is different with the foxes. Every night is special.

The foxes are generally nocturnal yet we enjoy great opportunity for viewing due to the presence of streetlights. The foxes are wild animals and we like to keep it that way. We are an ethical company and we do not feed, bait or interact with the foxes other than viewing. Please see our ethical guidelines for more information. 

All our safaris typically lasts for 4 hours depending on viewing opportunities.

Meeting locations are in the Ipswich area and are provided upon booking. Pick up services can be arranged upon request.

Your guide Philip Charles is a keen photographer and will share some tips and tricks with you whilst on Safari.

Toilets are available on all Safaris.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me using the Contact Form.

Thank you.

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